Friday, July 31, 2009

Eating Healthy On The Road

In 2 days I will be flying to North Carolina to see my son before he gets deployed to Iraq and I will be driving his vehicle back for safe keeping while he's overseas. According to Google maps, it takes somewhere in the neighborhood of 23 hours driving time. So 2 long days or 3 short days. I'll just drive until I want to stop.

Exercise will be no problem. I can do some body weight stuff in the morning before I hit the road. I can stop at a rest area and knock off a few pushups or run a few sprints. That will be the easy part.

The hard part will be eating healthy on the road. The temptation to hit a fast food drive through will be great rather than seek out healthier alternatives which will take more time. Stopping at a convenience store (They don't call them convenience stores for nothing.) and grabbing some M&M's and a package of Little Debbie chocolate donuts will be easy. Finding something that's actually good for me will be a little more difficult.

If you read enough on health you will run across someone talking about the 80-20 rule. that is, eat healthy 80% of the time and you should be okay to indulge the other 20% of the time. However, when traveling, it will be much easier to do 20-80 or 10-90 or 5-95. Many would justify it as it's vacation. "Let yourself go. Enjoy it." I don't know yet.

The fact is I will be on the road for 2-3 days. I will probably skip a few meals. As for the ones I eat, I'm not yet sure what I'll do. I'll weigh the time vs. other factors when I'm faced with it and make my decision at that point. Most likely I will eat a few meals that aren't exactly good for me. And I will most likely enjoy them greatly. As for the others, well that chapter hasn't been written yet.


  1. Excellent time to IF it or just pig out. While I advocate the something is better than nothing lifestyle, all or nothing can be occasionally fun. Draw a line in the sand and pick a side and have fun.

    Prayers will go out for the young soldier at the Pierini home that he has a safe flight to his tour of duty, a safe tour of duty and that he returns home soon.

  2. Remember the 7P's...

    Proper Previous Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, guys.

    Ed, we will and do appreciate the prayers.

    Justin, you are right about the 7 P's. If I can find a health food store, I plan to stock up on some healthy eats for the road. If not, I may just draw that line in the sand as Ed suggested and have a little fun.

  4. Hey Charles,
    First, you will have my prayers as well for your son. Thank him for all of us for his service. On the diet thing, I don't think a few days of being off the wagon will be that detrimental. I was on a 4 day canoe/camp trip a couple weeks ago and ate horribly. On the other hand, you can get some beef jerky, trail mix and similar semi-healthy stuff to munch on the road.

  5. If you were to stop by our house on the way home we could feed you a healthy tuna steak and fresh veggies from our garden. Oh well! Your loss. Have a safe trip, brother.

    We are praying for you, Caleb and the whole family to get through your present difficulties in an exemplary fashion. I believe your lives will be a blessing to others who watch you. God bless!

  6. I'm driving to Vancouver (Whistler actually) next week to get married. It's a 2 day trip and I plan to Fast a portion of the first day until we meet with a friend for supper at her house (our first stop) and then a 24 hour cleanse the next day as we drive on to Vancouver.

    I find that long drives like this are good days for liquids. there's a lot more stops for rest room breaks, but not for eating.

    Besides, I feel that while driving, we need less food anyway, so why not?

  7. You are right, Rob. Driving doesn't burn as much calories as other activities. I didn't eat a whole lot on the road during my trip.

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